Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Shock and Awe...

You would have thought that the outrage described below should have been reserved for the man I last posted a blog about, but no....

Veterans have demanded a woman be jailed later this week after she was caught urinating on a war memorial, and then performing a sex act

Wendy Lewis was branded "Britain's most disgusting person" after admitting outraging public decency at Blackpool Magistrates' Court.

Old soldiers formed a "guard of dishonour" when she appeared, hours late, for the hearing before JPs.

Veterans believe she should be put behind bars to set an example to others.

Drunken Lewis, 32, of Princess Street, Blackpool, was seen relieving herself on the town's Cenotaph by CCTV operators in June.

When police arrived they found her performing a sex act on a man sitting on the memorial.

Conservative councillor Julian Mineur, a former soldier and an organiser of Shop for Heroes, set up to help veterans in the resort, said: "The veterans community are outraged at this sort of action, particularly by a local person, taking place on a consecrated piece of ground.

"We feel a strong message has to be sent out this sort of thing should not be tolerated and is despicable.

"The Cenotaph is sacrosanct. There is a huge amount of public outrage on this in the town and across the country."

Lewis' case was adjourned on Friday for the preparation of pre-sentence reports. She is now scheduled to be sentenced this Friday.


  1. You would have also thought that the silly old fools would have liked to have joined in - or at least watch. The Black Watch?

    The dozy sods - why can't they reserve their calls for imprisonment for those who deserve it most? Mr Blair and Mr Bush, for example. They have been pissing on war veterans for most of their career, when not performing felatio in the Oval Office.

  2. I think that was Mr. Clinton.
    But I do agree somewhat. Pretty disgusting behaviour no matter where exhibited.
    Sounds like the woman needs detox, not prison.

  3. Pretty disgusting behaviour in Iraq too, Jacqueline. Don't get me wrong, I support the troops even more these days, and even more since the enforced evacuation of Saigon, all those years ago. My family fought in WW2, and I really believe that - if they were still alive - they would be more outraged by Blair, GW Bush, et al, rather than some woman pissing on a memorial. I might be wrong though.

  4. My rant on your previous post would have gone on forever, so I wrote nothing instead :P
    I also agree with you here Tom, though that is one rank 'woman'!
    I heard a while ago of some chap 'relieving' himself on a war memorial, I don't think that they have the brains to realise where they are pissing, that's the sad part.
    Things happen everyday on a much bigger scale that insult the memory of these brave people.

  5. Yes Sarah - unlike the deliberate desecration of tombs, these drunken fools don't think AT ALL. It's just not the same as spray-painting a swastika on a Jewish tombstone.

  6. I'm sick and tired of disgusting behaviour...
    By Politicians
    ...War monger's
    ...Stupid women
    ...Business people
    ...All of you

  7. Sorry Victoria. I'll try to be better behaved in the future. Hope you are having a good week. (creeps quietly out of the room, thinking how he must put up a more light-hearted blog... suddenly, he thinks - 'Jellyfish'!

  8. Oh No!..... Tom...I didn't mean you, or anyone else that posts here!
    As I've said before you are one of the 'good guys'.