Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Let's get together and be a Jellyfish!

A friend of mine was stung by a jellyfish last weekend, and when he told me about it, he also told me an extraordinary thing about Jellyfish, which I have not yet checked up on to see if it is true.

Apparently, a jellyfish is not a single entity at all, but a collection of various animals cooperatively living as one shape.

Can this be true?


  1. It's certainly true in (Lord) Mandy's case!

  2. Great. Just when I had begun to calm down Victoria, Cro floats to the surface and mentions 'He whose name must not be spoken'.

  3. If the information is true...I kind of like it. All that harmonious co-habitation is a nice alternative to the clawing over others backs to be first, best, on top, most famous...(pick your own result).
    One thing I have never understood, with the oceans so accessible and teaming with so much that is undiscovered and/or not understood, why has man spent so much time, effort and money exploring space?
    (I'm staying out of the political debate.)

  4. ok...Stephenson...I think you've got the wrong end of the stick!
    I for one do not want to live collectively with a bunch of others who have no spine!!!

  5. You've got the sting, V - maybe that could be your job?

    Maybe because it's a lot drier in space, J? It's also nice to have a few unsolved mysteries on our doorstep too? Also, what would William Shatner have done for a job (apart from sing "Someone left the cake out in the sea...") ?

  6. You've got the sting yerself sometimes Mr T but yer alright so you are. That's interesting about the jelly fish - didn't know that. Hope your friend's recovered!

  7. I think this is the best title for a post I've ever read.