Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Here's another for you

Listen to an hour or two of this...

...then see how you feel...

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Yet another quick question (and an apology)

Did anyone hear the recordings of Margaret Thatcher's 'Green Moment' speech? (So far, that's one question).

The speech was made so long ago that it was before I began listening to the radio as much as I do now. Up to a point, it was a prescient and revelatory occasion. We ( I mean us lot who are normally looked down on as slavishly left-wing by slavish right-wingers) may have to change our traditional attitude toward the woman.

She berated other nations (ok, nothing new there) for turning a blind eye at mankind's contribution toward global warming, quoting polar scientists who had noticed the effects of industrialisation on the ice-caps, etc, and said that immediate action should be taken by industrial nations in general, and big business in particular. Nothing could be done without the cooperation of big business, she more or less said. Of course, nothing was done. Too much money involved.

But wait, Thatcher herself contributed to the Green effort against global warming immensely, thirty years ago!

She shut down all the British coal mines!

I take it all back. If the current bunch of twats who call themselves Conservatives had any sense, they would be milking this for all it is worth.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Another quick question

Do you Brits really trust our current government?

Do you really believe that the non-alignment of legislation following the official exit from the E.U. on the 31st will be in your best interest if you are not financially secure and not vulnerable in any other way?

Do you think that animal welfare and workers' rights will be maintained to the highest standards after the the exit?

Do you think that any deal with the USA will not be heavily biased in favour them or any other country we try to make trade agreements with?

Do you believe that our foreign policy will not be compromised by any other nation state which holds a grudge against another, and that our conduct will not degrade our moral status in the eyes of the rest of the civilised world if we overstep our moral responsibilities?

Once again, you will not be judged by me for your opinions about this.

Troubled waters

This was the river flood gate a couple of weeks ago during what turned out to be not the worst of the rains. I have only just managed to post it up for some technical reason.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Quick question

How many of you believe that man-made climate change is a myth, and how many think that the scientists have a valid point based on data collected since the 19th century?

This is a genuine question, and nobody will be attacked no matter what their opinion is. I am 90% ignorant of the facts myself.

Monday, 13 January 2020


Common trees for common people. No fruit, but plenty of fresh air. Kings hid in them. Poachers risked their lives under them.

The London Plane. Plane trees for plain people.

I miss the great Elms. I miss the wide Elm boards of the English country houses.

I miss the Gypsy charcoal-burners and their Autumnal Willow harvests.

Yeomen with hearts of Oak shot wooden arrows from Yew bows.

Uncommon people.