Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Votes for turkeys!

Here in the U.K. there is a lot of pressure to be allowed celebrate a family Christmas in the traditional way.

Well, if you are over 60, ask yourself this question.

Given the choice, which would you prefer:  to serve a 6 month sentence of house-arrest for a crime which you did not commit, or be put straight onto Death Row with only a 20% chance of remission?

If you are 40 or under, ask yourself this. Would you rather have one last full-blown Christmas with all your family, or look forward to a few more in the future with parents and grandparents by staying quiet in 2020?

I am blocking the chimney this year.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Should we laugh?

I have this fantasy with H.I. that one day I win the lottery, leave her (as if), find myself a girlfriend who is young enough to be my daughter (as if again) and buy a red Ferrari.

One hot day she sees me caught in town traffic with my young girlfriend at my side in the open-top supercar, and black hair dye is running down my face onto my crisp, clean, white shirt.

Saturday, 21 November 2020




Pencil and Mascara

Three studies of Natalia Makarova made by H.I. the other day. She freeze-framed a video of her dancing The Dying Swan. H.I. has just reminded me that she had the most wing-like arms in the business.

What we both liked about Makarova - apart from her actual performances - was her down-to-earth approach to the world of ballet. No Nureyev tantrums or bullying, none of the untouchable aloofness of Margot Fonteyn (every schoolgirl's magazine heroine of the late 1950s).

I once watched an endearing documentary about her, where she chatted away with a coffee and practiced at the bar with a cigarette in her free hand.

The lower drawing reminds me of Rodin's. (H.I. says that the upper one does too.)

Complete this simple survey

The things that have developed with the new blogger I would not call problems as such, but they do make life a little more difficult than they need be.

I have already mentioned the way that some of your posts appear a little later than they should and in the wrong chronological order, but I never mentioned that when I go to look at them I am redirected to a page with a link on it which I have to click before I can read them.

Up until recently, the link would appear purple if I had already clicked on it and ordinary blue if I hadn't. Now, no matter how many times I visit the post, the link remains blue. This sometimes confuses me, and I go to the post thinking I have not read it, only to find that I have. This problem is made worse by those of you who turn on comment moderation and when a comment I have left still has not been posted up. Are you trying to turn me even more insane than I am already? ARE YOU???

Anyway, the only reason for this boring few paragraphs is to ask if any of you experience the same issues. I will write a (hopefully) more entertaining one to take the taste out of your mouths.

Thursday, 19 November 2020

I'm afraid they did

In a few years, we will catch a whiff of alcohol hand-cleanser and be instantly transported back to 2020, when all this insanity will seem like a strange dream.

We will have to explain to our grand children that Donald Trump really did exist, and they will scarcely believe us. Georgio de Chirico paintings will be used by schools to give children some idea of what streets were like back in the summer of 2020. B.C. will change its meaning in history lessons.

If there is one thing that lockdown has taught us, it is that mental illness is rife and widespread, and it is always just below the surface.  An indication of just how easy it is for most of us to lose our reason was the mass outbreak of toilet roll hoarding.  Did they really buy thousands of extra toilet rolls in 2020 Grandpa?  Yes, I am afraid they did.

Did they really believe that Hillary Clinton was running a Democrat paedophile ring from her office in the USA?  Yes, I am afraid they did.  And did they really believe that Covid 19 was a government hoax used as an excuse to keep the population under control?  Once again, I am afraid they did.

That is insane.

Monday, 16 November 2020

Make do and mend

I discovered a Medlar tree in a park close to us yesterday, so I picked up these windfalls. I intended to make a filling with them for  pie tonight but they are still too hard even for that. I am going to follow Rachel's example and wait for them to get bletted over time - however long that takes.

I listened to some WW2 memories about Coventry tonight, and remembered how long my parent's generation waited for things to turn back to a normality - six horrible years. That puts out little trials and tests into perspective, especially since we have no bombs dropping on us to destroy our homes, towns and lives.

We are, in the larger scheme of things, so fortunate.