Monday, 16 August 2010

A Pardoner's Tale

Tony Blair (the ex Prime Mister of Britain) has just announced that he will be donating all the proceeds of the sales from his forthcoming memoir 'A Journey' to a fund for wounded servicemen run by the British Legion. The reported advance for his book is £4,000,000 alone.

Well, I suppose that this is good news for the servicemen's charity, but one veteran has already described it as 'blood money'.

Given that Mr Blair's foreign policy decisions when in office (along with the USA's) could be justifiably described - at best - as criminally inept, and that most of the servicemen who have been killed or wounded (discounting the one and a half million Iraqi civilians), were put into this impossible situation by the 'New Labour' government, I can only assume that Blair's new spiritual leader - the Pope - has ordered Tony to give the money away as a penance.

In other words, if Mr Blair doesn't cough up the blood-money, then he just won't get into Heaven when he kicks the bucket, as we all must do.

Pope Benedict spent World War Two as a 'Hitler Youth', and is currently trying to secure immunity from prosecution for all the Catholic priests who have fiddled around with children since 1946.


  1. Yes, you read it right. An estimated ONE AND A HALF MILLION Iraqis have been killed since the second offensive alone. The reason that this is an estimate is because the Americans decided to deliberately NOT keep casualty records when it came to the local population. Why? They must have had an inkling as to how bad the situation would get for the locals when they started the 'Shock and Awe' offensive.

    Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with strategic oil installations. Of course not.

    It also has nothing to do with the 'Special Relationship' which we have enjoyed with the USA for 70 years, until the mighty $ went sailing down the toilet. Of course not.

    An American friend said to me this weekend, "Americans do not have the monopoly on Ass-Holes". True.

    I have some good Iraqi friends too, but I dare not tell their story, for fear of what might happen if things go very well back in their own country. They are very good stories though.

    Now, let me see... Doctor Kelly....

  2. Just that phrase "Shock and Awe" brings me back to all that rhetoric of the "Evil Do'ers" and the rest of the BS. And as for the Pope.....don't get me going.....I've had a very pissy day.

  3. Gosh are gathering all the pissed off.
    I just received an inane analogy from an American friend that actually challenged doing the right thing because the outcome didn't have the (short-term) desired effect. I'm in despair.

  4. 'Advance' money for a book is not the same as 'Proceeds'. If he's already trousered 4 Million he couldn't give a damn about the tiny precentage on top. But it does make him look like a SAINT.

  5. I've just heard on the news that he's also giving away the 'Advance Money'. Guilty conscience maybe?

  6. Part of this give-away is probably so that he sells more copies of his lies than Peter Mandalson does of his!

  7. P.S. I lifted this picture off the net. The person who composed it gave it the title, 'Tony Blair is a Wanker'. How rude.

  8. Isn't it strange how they all think we're so stupid!

  9. They don't think we are as stupid as them, Victoria, they just think we don't have the money to pay for litigation against the government, who are telling absolute, obvious, FUCKING LIES, because we don't have access to the public funds that they have, to pay for it.

  10. Breath deeply and think of jellyfish, Victoria.