Friday, 16 July 2010

C.G.I.? No it's....

... Trip Advisor's latest teaser as to exactly where this picture was taken.

I am told it is 'Mana Pools Nation Park', though I could have sworn it was a still from 'Lord of the Rings'. What a wonderful photo.

I wonder if they have horseflies there?


  1. It has such a wonderful, soft redolent quality to it. I would have sworn it was a book illustration, or yes, a movie cell!

  2. It's certainly NOT a photo, those poor deer are from some old-dear's imagination. My guess would be 'from the cutting room floor at Cartoon School California'.

  3. p.s. I'd like to have seen your posting re the Spencer girl.

  4. Maybe I'll do a different thing about Di, Cro. The last one was a reaction to the curious phenomena that is the widespread public grief about that horrible madman who blew his brains out in Sunderland recently.