Friday, 16 July 2010

Strangers in Paradise

My charming little, rural workshop has one serious drawback to working outside in the summer - horseflies.

Every day I am attacked by at least 20, and every day I kill at least 5, but every week I am bitten by one which escapes my eye as well as my swatter. Once they latch onto you, you have to get them, or they will get you. The bite is painful enough, but 2 days later, it swells and itches worse than a mosquito bite, such is the strength of the infection.

They would be better suited to serving as a mild irritation to sinners in Hell than hanging around my little patch of heaven on earth. Maybe they were sent for a reason....


  1. We have a superior type of horsefly here. They have big green eyes, and pack one heckova bite. Nasty little beasts. I think I better your kill-score. Probably about 10/20 a day.

  2. Your little bit of heaven on earth is that at least to the horseflies. They sound as if they're having a great time down there. Hate the thought of you being bitten though. Agree with Cro - kill-score needs ratcheting up a notch or two or three.