Thursday, 18 February 2010

Anna Magnani...

... versus Monica Vitti and Claudia Cardinale... the plot thickens? Magnani was the quintessential Italian woman, but Vitti had such a face (and still does, I believe).

What hands...

Cro reckons that this Chanel advert is the tops, but I reckon he must be missing his wife. What else could explain his infatuation with the girl? Tautou even looks straight into the camera with the same, bloody irritating conspiratorial expression which has become her trade mark over the years.

Also, I think it's about time we gave Billy Holiday a well-earned rest for a few years, if not Chanel in general. May I recommend Dyptique 'Trois' as an old-style, but fabulously exciting perfume for you girls out there in fashion-land? It has the scent of amber, combined with that wonderful herb which you smell on hot nights in Greece and Turkey. (I'm not being paid for this, but I am quite prepared to be, if any company would like to approach me...)


  1. Magnani was also the quintessential, 'strong woman' too, I think. She spent a couple of years having the piss taken out of her by some of the great cartoonists of 'Mad' magazine in the early 60's, when she played alongside Brando in a film I cannot remember the title of.

  2. I must return to the Chanel ad'. It's Tautou's RUN that I find so sexy (other than her being a very pretty girl). I think this should be put to the vote. Magnani v Tautou. It's the feminine versus the bold. Beauty versus character.

    I hold my ground.

  3. Click on the red 'Chanel advert' above, if you haven't already done so. I'm not sure if your categories are accurate, or if they are, which ones they apply to.