Thursday, 18 February 2010

Monica Vitti...

... versus Claudia Cardinale... No contest? (Love interest)

I have an 80 year old friend who worked in the film industry, and he had to meet Antonioni in London, in order to convince him that Vitti should star in a 'LUX' soap powder advert. Thankfully, the deal was never struck.

What a nose...


  1. Isn't she?! I've been in love with her since I was a teenager. She let herself (or allowed herself to be) down badly in the Antonioni film, 'The Eclipse', when she blacked herself up and did a silly 'African' dance with an inane grin on her face, but I had to forgive her for that. It was the only time when it was ever obvious that she came from a comedic background. She has a great, hoarse laugh too, though it rarely came out in all those depressing films. She has a sort of comedy body too - lanky and gauche.

  2. She's still a very beautiful woman, but she needs to visit Maiden for some advice about her glasses!

  3. Yes - I've seen that picture too. She'd be better off with thin, steel frames, eh?