Friday, 19 February 2010

My Dad

We've been comparing pictures of beautiful or handsome women, and I mentioned about how Anna Magnani starred in a film alongside Brando, who - I reckon - was one of the most handsome men in film. I think my father was pretty handsome too (see above), and considering he married a fashion model in about 1941 (my mother), I am somewhat miffed that I was not born with a bit more of the natural good looks which he died with. He would be 103 years old if he were still alive. He also features in the 'Tom Stephenson' header photo, peeping out from behind some of his bomber crew-mates.

I will post a picture of my mother at work at some point - modeling for 'Jersey Club' - so you can see how I wasted my valuable, inherited assets.

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  1. Historical note: My father was the only person I have ever met who could crunch a banana.

    His teeth - upper and lower - met in a perfect line, so that when they came together, a clicking noise could be heard.

    Astounding, to me, as a child.