Tuesday, 27 July 2021

John Gray's post

I’m not as interesting as you Tom

I can’t shape a cucumber out of marble 

Nor can I argue to the point of violence  with fourteen Bath pub goers  after one  afternoon’s Sherry drinking  

I cannot flirt with 1960 Pussy galore types 

Or listen to radio four in my delightfully downmarket city apartment with drunks fighting on the bridge outside,

I don’t have a understanding and arty HI 

OR a green eyed girl with a face like a goddess 

I can’t write so beautifully and make it so easy 

And I can’t sound so angry when I’m only tired and fed up

I wish I was entertaining 

Tom entertains me x


  1. Just as well you cannot fashion a cucumber in marble. You are entertaining though.

  2. I'm disappointed there is no reference to farts. I thought guest posts were supposed to be intellectually stimulating anyway,

    1. Grateful as I am for the references to me, I am hoping that the writers will forget me for a change and write stuff about either themselves or whatever they think will entertain anyone else, especially themselves.

  3. Dear dear \john everything you write is intellectually stimulating to me and to your many other readers. We all adore you and follow your daily adventures with such pleasure. (same goes for you too Tom)

  4. Is that a Chinese cucumber, John?

  5. John a lovely summing up of Tom, I find your adventures every day a part of my happy day reading. Dorothy always pulls the heartstrings.

  6. I'm with Albert Steptoe on intellectual stimulation.

  7. John, you nurture - people, dogs, plants, your home, even people on blogs that you have never met. That is priceless.

  8. Dear John, no-one makes us laugh like you { and Tom } I read your blogs because I want to smile and laugh. I know that we all have to deal with the ups and downs of life BUT, laughter is so good for us ...... one of my favourite blogging moments was the C***T game ..... that was SO funny ! Keep making us laugh, both of you.