Monday, 24 April 2017

May you live in interesting times

It ought to be boring. I wish it was. Years of ignoring ordinary people and putting the interests of global business over a properly functioning society are now being paid for, worldwide. Marine Le Pen could well be the next President of France. That would bring down the E.U. for sure.

That old Chinese curse is taking effect.


  1. And so it is. The worm has turned...I only hope it knows where it's going...
    Anna :o]

  2. It's just a matter of seeing who all those, who's preferred candidate didn't win, will now vote for. I don't like Le Pen, but I'd quite like to see Brussels being given a good kicking.

    1. When the European Economic Community was invented, I told my German friends that it was just an economic carve-up, which is what it was, mainly for the sake of French farmers. Then it became a defence against the mighty US Dollar and the Germans invested heavily. Then ordinary people became emotionally involved, then we decided to leave them in the lurch. Now the far right are taking over, and as much as I would like to see Brussels bureaucrats being kicked, it is still sad.