Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Getting on with our lives

Juvenile gulls sitting on the Victoria Gallery.

Today, I have a hangover because I didn't bother to cook anything as I waited for H.I. to finish watching the football. I forgot how long football matches go on for, with or without extra time.

I feel as though nothing can really carry on as normal until we get this E.U. vote out of the way - it's like a great boil made greater by the vigorous massaging of statistics by both sides, but the really strange thing is that it has not seemed to divide the people, just the political parties.

People openly admit to their voting intentions in pubs, without any fear of hostility from those with opposing views. I listen to both sides of the argument in the vain hope that my mind will be made up, but there are so many different issues that affect so many different people in so many different ways, that I don't think it ever will be.

There will be a great flurry of currency speculation during the first minute of the markets opening, but because of the time differences, it will be the North American markets who will make the killing, not the E.U. ones - or London, whether we are still in or not.

Just when I think I fall on one side, some utter bastard comes out and advises everyone to vote in that direction, and I am back to the beginning of the thought processes again.

If there are any genuine soothsayers out there, now is the time  to prove it.


  1. Tom, my sentiments exactly. I feel if Richard Dawkins doesn't know which way to vote, what chance have I?

  2. I think that "sitting on the fence "could become a national sport! I am slightly off it on the Brexit side.

  3. I can save you the trouble and give you the result now if you want.

  4. Good point Rachel. Does anyone's vote really count?