Monday, 19 October 2015

Calling all True Blue, British Conservatives

Now come on, be honest.

Do you really, really think that it is a good idea to hand over the next 30 year's worth of British Nuclear Power development to the Chinese government? Do you? Really?

Do you think it would be a good idea to let the Chinese have sole control over the spent uranium with which we charge warheads such as the controversial Trident system? Do you? Really?

Do you think that by handing over commercial control of our technological design and import/exports as we have already gone halfway to do in today's vibrant, modern, free-market economy is a good thing to do? Do you really?

Don't you ever worry a teensy bit about their track-record when it comes to human rights record? Or anything else since WW2?

Oh, never mind. Keep buying the cheap goods and voting Conservative. You will be dead before anything nasty happens to your grandchildren... maybe.


  1. No I don't think it is a good idea, and i said so on my blog some weeks ago. I am appalled and distraught about it and may never vote again for anybody.

    1. The steel industry is currently going through the death-throes caused by pointless, massive investments by companies such as Tartar losing £8 billion in the last year, and the trouble is that they can no longer run the blast-furnaces on coal, because someone - guess who? - destroyed the British coal industry and replaced it with short-lived Spanish resources, in order to get rid of Arthur Scargill once and for all.

      We no longer have any industry we can call our own, and soon we will be a strategic island for the Chinese, simply because WE HAVE FUCKING WELL SOLD OFF ALL OF THE FUCKING FAMILY SILVER.

      Don't you ever dare tell me that I am a left wing loony again, please.

    2. I have never personally told you you are loony left wing but come to think of it you probably are more than I thought you were. Scargill destroyed the coal industry by refusing to negotiate and don't forget the closure of the pits started under Wilson.

    3. Well that request was more directed at Cro than you. See my next post, talking of common sense.

    4. Wilson closed 200 pits and no-one said a word. Scargill closed 175-ish and Mrs T gets the blame. It's a funny old world.

    5. Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is not exclusive to Conservatives. Recently under Brown private foreign money was sought to pay for hospitals, schools, bridges, electricity supply, etc. But, of course, this is conveniently forgotten.

      The British steel industry is going down the pan because of soaring costs. Maybe one day China will also have crazy unions who negotiate sky-high wages, then steel production will go somewhere else.

    6. I forgot to mention; out of England's 9 producing nuclear power stations, 8 of them are run by EDF. Johnny Foreigner without the slitty eyes.

    7. The Chinese steel industry is financed by the State, which is why they can afford to dump tons of the stuff in the E.U. and destroy our markets through devaluing it as the international commodity we made it, as we made food. Try telling the few remaining steel workers that they were getting 'sky-high' wages (before they too lose their jobs), and see how long you last in the pub.

  2. I do agree with most of what you two have said above, but I really think we could have done without the racist physical insults to make the point. I know you hate everything about P.C., Cro, but it only weakens the argument, apart from anything else.

    Yes, I know both parties have been selling off everything they know is bound to make money because we cannot do without it, but they have also been badly buying stuff from other E.U. countries as well - whole telephone systems from France which they could not believe anyone would buy for more than about £10.

    The thing is that China is not in the E.U. and it has been widely pointed out this morning that any nation that sucks up to them in the vile way that Cameron is doing right now, is marked down as a push-over for future exploitation.

    Also, we are begging the State of China to invest in the very industries they have deliberately helped to destroy, not any Chinese private enterprise. You don't have to be a diplomat to see what a dangerous thing this is to do, given how ruthless The People's Republic has been to its neighbours in the past. I hear that one of the conditions of this visit was that Cameron has pledged never to speak to the Dalai Lama again.

    As far as the coal industries are concerned, it depends whose spin you believe. 84,000 jobs lost under Thatcher, and 45,000 under Wilson were the last figures I read, and this has nothing to do with the all-out war between the Unions and Thatcher, lost because Scargill was an egocentric maniac.