Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Not today, thank you

There are two ways to deal with extreme weather - one is to go out in it and let it hit you full in the face, and the other is to stay indoors and watch it hitting others full in the face in comfort. This morning, I opted for the latter.

If I was the outdoorsy explorer type, then I would have been out in it, but I love sitting indoors listening to accounts of Polar expeditions involving people needlessly taking 300 mile trips in sub-zero temperatures, all the while in fear of losing their private parts to frostbite whilst having a wee.

I have only seen The March of the Penguins once, though. Once was more than enough, but not enough to get any understanding of why those birds go so far North in the Winter in order to hatch their eggs. Are they really stupid, or really intelligent?

Here we are in early June and the Northern Hemisphere, talking about Winter, with gale-force wind and rain rattling the windows as I write. All I have to do today is start the car, but I think I may put that off until tomorrow. Procrastination is key.


  1. Replies
    1. I've just heard it's the same day in North Germany.

  2. The weather forecast shows sun tomorrow and a blistering 14C. This afternoon I may give in and watch an old movie or two. A Canterbury Tale, perhaps?

  3. Hot sunshine here... just been out mowing (complete with silly hat). Actually, we could use some of that rain.

  4. The cold, cold rain came through here over the weekend, and left behind the cold cold. I'd stay home, too, if I could.

  5. Though I hate winter and cold, I am intrigued by shows of mountain climbers. I just can't believe the lengths they go to in such wretched conditions.

  6. My feelings exactly Tom - but I fight them and keep going.

  7. Sometimes i want to hide indoors
    4 dogs bladders tell me otherwise