Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Wide Awake club

The unfettered process of legislation has now begun, and the new Conservative government will be trying to get all the nasty bits over and done with as early as possible, to allow for a good-run-up to the next election in about 5 years time.

There is some knee-jerk stuff currently on the menu, which involves trying to shut-up religious extremists from the top down, by doing something about freedom of speech and - as usual - it ignores all the advice from the experts who say that it will be dealing with the symptoms, not the cause. Why is it that the experts are ignored if they don't agree with the implementation of something that a minister has been dying to do since before they were elected - the sort of thing normally suggested by blokes in pubs?

Any attacks on freedom of speech here usually bring on comparisons to North Korea these days, but it has just been announced that the Chief of Defence for N.K. was publicly executed yesterday, in front of all the other ministers - for falling asleep during a rally attended by the Glorious Leader. He was blown to bits with an anti-aircraft gun.I think the official description of this was 'death by obliteration'.

Now that really is overkill.


  1. Been on a three day bender?

  2. It's a pity someone didn't turn the anti-aircraft gun towards the Glorious Leader and obliterate him.

    1. Careful - it's my haircut at stake here.

    2. It'll happen; I'd guarantee it.

    3. Let's hope it does before he perfects his nuclear warheads.

    4. He is great mates with Putin and this is their year of friendship.