Friday, 9 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie

My beautiful Parisian friend - above - was wearing a T-Shirt which was hand-embroidered with, 'Je Suis Charlie'  and the Tricolour tonight.

I knew that she owns a house in Paris, but she told me that two of the recent killings happened more or less outside it, and that she and her sister had done the stitching on the T-Shirts together today.

Confused, I asked if her sister lived in Bath, and she said that she lived in Paris.

They had both sat in front of their computers Skyping as they sewed, and talking to each other about the shocking events.

It's not a good time for any brown-skinned people in France right now, never mind Muslims.


  1. I think the one's at risk are the white skinned people. There's a new vigilance afoot.

  2. Pink, white, yellow, black, brown, olive, any creed, I believe it is a no good world for any of us.

  3. We should not get too hung up on our own times. The world is probably a safer place now compared to previous generations. Unfortunately the lunatic fringe of any set of beliefs will always be with us.

    1. They should ban the sale of golden sickles to Druids. Caesar had the right idea.