Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Lemon Entry

William Gillette - the first US Sherlock Holmes.
Conan Doyle loved his silent films.
I am still looking for the hat...


  1. I never heard of him until H.I. pointed him out.

  2. I wonder what colors the deerstalker hat will turn out to be once they've restored the recently found 1916 "Sherlock Holmes" film with Gillette.

    Have your heart set on a true vintage hat or a more recent reproduction? Vintage more stylish...

  3. Is that pun a common one, or do you too recall the episode of the Generation Game where the contestants recreated a story of Sherlock Holmes, where A Lemon entry was one of several terrible puns on the iconic phrase? It was probably terrible, but as a young child I loved it! :)