Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Shunted from the rear

The lense on my camera phone is not good enough for this post, because if you know Austin A35s, you will know that they are tiny. You must know Rolls Royces, and you must know they are very large.

I guess both cars belong to the same maniac, as they are usually parked here, two inches between bumpers. They sort of sum up the British class system of the 50s and 60s eh?

There was some bloke on the radio today, saying that we must send India a really strong message saying that it is unfair to take advantage of the lowest castes in that country, by making them collect the shit from the houses of slightly higher castes, and paying them tiny amounts of money do that, so they can feed their families with a few bowls of rice.

Well, correct me if I am wrong, but didn't we take full advantage of the caste system when running our empire from India? Now we are telling them that they must not have huge, polluting steel industries to gain wealth for the country, since our huge, polluting steel industries were dismantled a while ago, having made us all that money when we still had an empire in India? Actually, the wealthiest man in Britain is an Indian, and he bought up what was left of the Welsh steel industry, when we decided it had become 'unprofitable', thanks to she who must not be named.

The Sunday Times Rich List comes out this Sunday - let's see if he's still on top. He bought Land-Rover too - not A Land Rover, THE Land Rover. I drove past a combine harvester with a Land Rover badge on the back of it last summer - in a Volvo. I know that Germany owns Mini/Leyland now, but I forget who owns Volvo.


  1. I love your posts sometime
    Fucking mad!

    1. You are calling my posts 'fucking mad'? You who write several hundred words on the bowel actions of dogs and humans, describe terrorist attacks by chickens and your besottedness with an American TV serious on the walking dead, call my posts fucking mad?!

      Don't get me wrong, I love your posts too.

  2. Are you two entering into a war of words? Methinks it is a good job you don't live near enough to make things physical.
    As for you Tom - you need to take a leaf out of my book - enjoy your declining years (yes, they start at 55 and carry on as long as you let them) by burying your head in the sand. OK, it leaves your rear end free for a kicking now and again but by golly it doesn't half do the blood pressure good.

    1. You mustn't take the banter between me and John seriously, Weave. We are much more polite to each other in private emails.