Sunday, 28 October 2012

Confidence inspiring

First of all, a little historical background.

Ever since the massive mechanical clock was installed on the North Front of Bath Abbey, it's upkeep has been managed by the City of Bath Council, and not the Diocese of Bath and Wells as you might expect.

About a year ago, the elderly man who has been climbing up all those steps for all those years to wind and maintain this clock, was retired off by the council and replaced by an automated mechanical winding device. It was a sad day for him.

In 1968, the British government re-instituted the previously tried system of knocking an hour off the clock at the beginning of every winter, so as to make it a little lighter for schoolchildren to go to school in, and therefore a little safer. A child was knocked down and killed that first winter.

I always have to reminded which way the clock goes when it is reset, but last night - well before the 2.00 am deadline - I put my watch back by one hour, giving myself an extra hour in bed, which I would have taken anyway, because I am a lazy and useless so and so.

Whoever sets the time on the Abbey clock these days, got it a bit wrong last night or early this morning, so now it reads a full two hours behind the time that the rest of the UK are supposed to be operating on.

If I am confused, just think about the poor people who are supposed to be running this town right now - or tomorrow morning.

Right - back to the ball!


  1. This mnemonic never fails: spring forward, fall back.

    I'm reminded of that episode of Cheers where, at 2.00 p.m., they turn the clocks back and get in an extra hour of drinking time.


  2. Too much Pinot Grigio. 2.00 A.M.!!!!

    1. 2.00 A.M. ? Sounds like you forgot your mnemonic - deliberately.

  3. How is it possible for a person of my advanced age, not to have heard Rusty's mnemnnmennommnic! I shall be eternally grateful.

    1. You hadn't heard it before? How odd. I say 'autumn', not 'fall', so maybe that's why?

  4. Spring forward and fall back as they say Tom.

    I have never understood why we have to do it - everybody feels wretched, as though they have jet lag, for a few days. In the war they made it two hours to get extra daylight for working etc. - I can understand that. But don't they know the war's over and we can be in 'proper' time?