Monday, 14 November 2011

Crank up the volume

After years of being pestered by BOSE, I have finally given in and bought two speakers for the iMac, so we can have enhanced sounds with everything. They arrived today, and they're bloody good.

What I really like about iMac aesthetics is that everything fits in or behind the screen - including the speakers - and although they have a good quality sound, sometimes you just can't get the volume, you cannot get the bass and you cannot get the stereo. I've been thinking about adding on speakers for quite a while, and now that Bose have brought out a really good, compact set which are dedicated for computers, I thought I'd go for those - even though they are twice the price of most of the others.

So I wired them in (they will not stay in that position, like sentries either side of the monitor) then selected a variety of testing music and cranked them up full. Tee Hee! Our neighbors will hate us this Christmas!

With some sort of digital gizmo, they get a rich bass sound without a sub-woofer, and that is quite enough for our compact but adorable city apartment. The little round thing on the right is a touch on/off as well as a manual volume control.

It's a bit of a compromise having all that extra wire floating around, but worth it, I reckon. I wonder if Bose will give me a discount for this testimonial?

We'll have to have a party. You'll have to come round.


  1. Hope the Rembrandt comes through for you Tom...that Bose habit can be expensive.

  2. I have my laptop wired direct to a Sony 'music centre', then on to two big Sony speakers. The amp' goes up to 11. No neighbours, though.

  3. there had to be a fucking candlestick in the shot!

  4. Hello Tom:
    Surely we shall not need to come round, we shall hear it all from here.

    The Bose speakers do look very good. We have toyed with the idea of having them too and think that you might well have persuaded us to go ahead.

    We are sure that you must have candlesticks large enough to hide your speakers for a really authentic C18 look......and perhaps a screen for the iMac?

  5. Someone from Christie's has got back to me saying that they think it's a modern photo-gravure, because there is a lot of spare paper and paper was expensive in the 17th century... I have just told them that I had no intention of suggesting that the print was made in the 17th century, I merely want to find out if it came from the original plate! I have a feeling that if it had, the dealer would not have parted with it for what I paid, however...

    I expect you can hear your music above the noise of the quad-bikes then, Cro.

    The candlestick was just for you, John.

    In my limited experience of computer speakers, I can now recommend the Bose ones, H@@s. I have never been a big fan of disguised sound systems and TVs, though - like those hardwood veneered side cabinets that look like 18th century cupboards but are stuffed with Hi-Fis, etc. I think I can sit comfortably next to antiques and modern design without being upset by their juxtaposition.

  6. I'll come round. We'll listen to Muse and play Guess the Price of the Candlestick games while we're waiting for Waitrose to deliver the upmarket snacks.

  7. You're on. You listen to Muse, I'll listen to Mise and I'll just tell you the price of the sticks - just like a Tupperware Party! I can't wait.