Saturday, 2 July 2011


I got home tonight at about 11.00 pm, after a short, one-and-a-bit hour plane flight - preceded by a 2 hour trip around cobbled streets in the northern area of Bremerhaven in a Austin Mini (original small one); followed by treatment by Ryan Air which can only be described as expensive torture; followed by treatment by UK Border Control which can only be described as time-wasting masochism; followed by missing the turn-off to the M25 which can only be described as fucking idiotic signing; followed by... followed by... a very deep sleep any minute now if I have my way.

It will take me a while to catch up on your posts - if at all. Maybe I subscribe to too many for one so mentally feeble as I.

The sailor above is an old regular at a cafe in downtown Bremerhaven, and seems to have employed an even worse cosmetic surgeon than Michael Jackson. I have plenty more pictures where this one came from, and I will put them up tomorrow - if I actually wake up.


  1. Tom you are obviously very stressed and over worked. I think you need a change in lifestyle entirely.I have a wonderful organic farm for sale over hear in Illinois. The cows are waiting for you

  2. It just takes so much fricking aggravation to go anywhere today, that I almost would rather stay home. If we could only be beamed up by Scotty.

  3. So, you had a good time then. All that bull is (in my experience) part of the travelling package!

  4. Owww. 'FISH'!!??

    Stupidly, I thought this post was going to be an interesting read...

    Glad you're back though with your bullshit blogging.

  5. I don't need organic animals to be reminded of 'the other', Donna, but thanks for the offer. Try John Gray - he never says no to animals.

    That's exactly what I said to H.I. Maybe. I would certainly rather cut off my own legs than fly Ryan Air again - that was the first, and hopefully last, time.

    I thought that now Obama has killed Bin Laden with his bare hands, that security would become a little lighter, but it took three-quarters of an hour to have our passports checked.

    I'm glad you were disappointed, Chris. I like to disappoint.

  6. I like the way the Americans do Border Patrol. We go through before go through security on the way to the US. That way, when you arrive, you can just walk off the plane and immediately get into your waiting taxi (or limo). I much prefer to do the waiting on the departure side.

    Hope you are feeling refreshed today Tom. We've missed you.

  7. Thanks, Raz. The other good thing about U.S. Border Control is that it is easy to smuggle in about 100 lbs of masonry tools (like I did in N.Y.C. once) to illegally work there, because they check up on you BEFORE you collect your luggage. "Reason for visit?" "Holiday".

  8. My dear friend (who is Japanese) and I call each other 'cunt' as a term of endearment. One day I sent her a message in Japanese, and - for want of a better translation - called her "膣" which means 'vagina'. She said, "Why didn't you call me '女'?" which means 'cunt'.

    We live and learn, but the use of ampersands is really not needed on this blog, John.