Monday, 4 October 2010


The State of Albania is in mourning today, following the announcement of the death of

Sir Norman Wisdom, comic actor, at the age of 95.


  1. The true pathos and meaning of this post will only be appreciated if you are either Albanian or British, and not necessarily either if you were born after 1960.

  2. I always loved Norman Wisdom as a kid...couldn't resist someone tripping over their own feet...still makes me laugh. He had a good run didn't he Tom...nice.
    I got half of it...still don't understand the Albania part.

  3. I hadn't realised that he was still alive - 95 a grand age

  4. He lived in our village of West Chiltington Sussex before moving to the Isle of Man. His son mowed our lawn for a short while; too expensive.

    I've never understood the Albanian bit either. I think they would have made him President had it been possible.

  5. He was - unbelievably - a national hero in Albania, because his were the only western films allowed to be shown. He went on a tour there once, and was treated like royalty by all the people who had seen all his films at least 25 times.

    That is a claim to fame which I don't think can ever be beaten within it's own category, Cro.

  6. I haven't thought of Norman Wisdom for many, many years, and like J.
    loved him for making us better legacy.
    This world will miss you Norman.

  7. He was one of my favorite comedians, I think everyone loved him young and old alike.His wit and silliness was unmatched.
    Rest in Peace Norman.