Saturday, 10 July 2010

Peter Tinniswood, Nick Warburton & the BBC

Following on from the previous blog where I mention some of the great talent that the BBC has given air-space to over the years, including writers, producers and actors, here above is a picture of the wonderful Peter Tinniswood - playwright - now sadly deceased, though much of his stuff can be heard on the aforementioned R7.

Equally wonderful is the playwright and former actor, Nick Warburton, who - thankfully - is still alive and writing today. I have had a bit of communication with him in the last year or so, when I told him that his 'On Mardle Fen' was one of the best things I have heard on the radio for many years. I cannot wait for the 3rd (?) series to arrive, but he has told me to keep an ear out for 'The Snow Goose', which - I suppose - maybe an adaptation of the Paul Gallico book. We'll see. Both of these wonderful writers have a humour and pathos which I just cannot get enough of, and both of them shelter under the umbrella of the Beeb. Tinniswood was fantastically prolific, and I am glad to say that Mr Warburton still is. They both had/have the very good luck of working with some amazing character actors (Like Leslie Phillips in P.T.'s case) and I know that Nick is usually involved in production as well.

Good luck Auntie...


  1. Auntie's R7 is a little-known treasure.

  2. There was another Chinese comment above, which I wondered what it was all about, especially since it seems to emanate from someone called 'Leona Steele'. It didn't seem to contain any links to soft porn, so I left it, but then the Goggle Blogger went unavailable for me after I looked up 'Leona Steele's' account, so I got cold feet and deleted it.

    If any genuine blogger from China is reading this, I am sorry, but I will delete ALL Chinese comments now until Goggle and the Chinese government come to an arrangement about Chinese access to the internet, because I think this system could be at risk of contamination if I go into the Chinese blog. I really don't want to enable the moderation facility, because it makes responses so stilted, repetitive and out of date.