Thursday, 4 March 2010

Purcell Funeral March

... and this is one of the finest pieces of Baroque music ever written (I believe). The Funeral March for Queen Mary, by Henry Purcell. You might remember the melody as running through the film 'Clockwork Orange', as an electronic version. What a toon.


  1. An interesting - to me - historical note:

    All those twiddly bits, the trills and tremellos that we think of as frill in Baroque, brass horn playing, were originated because you could not achieve a half tone between them with early instruments. They just fluctuated between the two tones, to get the an approximation of the note they wanted. Then it became style.

  2. Nowt to do with this posting, Tom. But I've just remembered; wasn't it Bob Mitchell?

  3. No, Bob mitchell was a sculpture teacher from Barnsley who just dressed like a gypsy - Derby tweeds and red neckerchief. He was my personal teacher (and chose me, he said, because he didn't like me...)

    The real gypsy was much more suave.

  4. Thinking of the wrong guy then. Woops.