Thursday, 4 March 2010

Fool On The Hill

I also fancied listening to this - it reminds me of my Foundation Course in Guildford, when I cooled off on the hot evenings in the summer of 1968, by riding my 1938, Triumph Tiger 80 around town, with this song going through my head. A 350 cc, single cylinder motorbike which was a classic, even in those days.

I wore short sleeves, and no helmet. I can smell the oil and un-burnt petrol now.


  1. Also - the best use of Dolmesch Recorders in popular music. Cro and I knew the Dolmesch family when we lived near Farnham - the factory was near Godalming. Old man Dolmesch use to pitch his recorder louder than any member of his group or family, because he was an egocentric old c***.

  2. sounds like you were a dreamy rebel!

  3. That sort of sums it up, Heather. I was certainly a bit fuzzy round the edges.