Sunday, 22 November 2020

Should we laugh?

I have this fantasy with H.I. that one day I win the lottery, leave her (as if), find myself a girlfriend who is young enough to be my daughter (as if again) and buy a red Ferrari.

One hot day she sees me caught in town traffic with my young girlfriend at my side in the open-top supercar, and black hair dye is running down my face onto my crisp, clean, white shirt.


  1. I saw a documentary once about Ferrari's,
    and the factory in Maranello..Italy! :).
    The first Ferrari car wasn't produced until
    1947...I remember it well..year l was born..! :).
    And you can only have the colour in red, blue or
    yellow..No! No! Pink..unless you get it done
    yourself of course..! :(

    Arrrgh! Trump's solicitor..Rudy Giuliani....
    A thorn in the side of my family in the 80's..
    And..According to Giuliani, the Sicilian Mafia
    offered $800,000 for his death during his first
    year as mayor of New York in 1994...!
    Though he still lives..76..but now with a leaky
    brain..Nasty piece of work..! :o(.

  2. All I can think of when I see him is Gollom from the lord of the ring movies. His precious is power, and his desire for it has corrupted his soul, made him rotten from the inside out.

    And for comic relief, we can always watch the clip from the Borat movie.

  3. You obviously have to be unembarrassable to be in politics these days.

  4. Please, laugh the entire crew off, stage right.

  5. He seems to have been eloped from a play by Moliere, or a "Verlachkomödie" of Gottsched (1700 - 1766), who was overdrawing characters as in woodcarvings.
    Intention to make you laugh - but much more fun if the intention is, as from Mr. Giuliani , to dazzle you by his youthful, intellectual and honest appearance.

  6. I was just browsing down the New York Times..
    Like you do on a Monday morning..
    And..several Manhattan hairdressers said that
    what was dripping down the face of the president’s
    lawyer was likely not hair dye...
    Sideburns are more gray than the rest of the head,
    he said..
    “You can apply mascara to touch the gray side up a
    bit so it looks more natural"..
    And you should should avoid hot weather, and wait
    for the makeup to dry completely...

    So there you have beauty tip for to~day..! :o).
    Oh! Did you know that he's paid $20,000 a day for his
    work overseeing the White House’s legal effort to
    overturn the election results...! :(.

  7. When I lived in Leeds it seemed to me that half the population at any one time was usually stood on a traffic island waiting for the lights to change. One day the lights changed and as the car in front of me stopped a woman on the island took off a shoe and started beating the car bonnet with it, shouting "you bastard, you bastard". The bloke driving and female in the passenger seat ducked down. Several other people joined in and one older woman was still beating the car boot with her handbag as the lights changed and it moved on.

  8. There is a man who walks past our house who dyes his hair jet black .... it looks so awful and unnatural ! ... Paul McCartney used to dye his hair and it looked daft but, I notice now, he is leaving it grey and looks so much better. Grow old gracefully I think. XXXX

  9. I am working a bit harder right now, then I get home and cook. In the mornings I wait in vain for packages to arrive before going to work, and at nights I have strange dreams before waking up at 3.00 and having even stranger ones after an hour. Last night in dreamland I met a friend who gave me a gift of a box of cat-litter. I don't even have a cat.

    This is by way of excuse/explanation for why I am leaving responses to your comments until later in the week. I'm sure you understand.

  10. He should have that oil leaked looked after.

  11. One of the few moments of laughter out of this fantasy of an administration.