Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Oxfam stinks

You know, the worst thing about the 12 Oxfam workers who arrived at Haiti and exploited desperate and stricken 16 and 17 year-old girls by giving them money for sex is that they have got away with branding their victims as 'prostitutes'.

The definition of a prostitute is someone who takes money for sex of course, but can you actually imagine a charity organisation like Oxfam allowing these highly-paid sexual predators to get away with adding unimaginable insult to unimaginable injury by mitigating the circumstances surrounding the responsibility for  their crimes by making their victims' lives even worse than they were before they arrived to dispense aid paid for by people like you and me, by blaming the young girls who they had sex with and calling them 'prostitutes'?

Oxfam have spent the last few years trying to cover-up this shameful business in an attempt to retain their colossal income from charitable donations.

Most charities stink. St Martin's in the Fields is a good one though.


  1. Tom, the world only grows more cruel and cynical. Nothing so evil will happen to those perps as they did. Ending the injustice of poverty my aunt's fanny I keep my money in politics. That's supposed to smell of its rot.

  2. The charity 'business' is taking a right bashing at the moment. Lammy started it by moaning about white people going to Africa, and now the Oxfam disgrace has returned to hound them. I can see donations falling to an all time low.

  3. Well, at last the government are witholding Oxfam's grant until they can show that their house is in order once more.

    I have a lot of time for the Salvation Army's work. Both in this country and around the world. They seem a genuine organisation untainted (yet!) by such grimy practices.

    1. I don't wish to disillusion you Avus, but I'm afraid they've had plenty of rogues in top positions. They're all much the same these days.

  4. Always succinct and to the point, I do envy your moral tone. It is disgraceful, the very fact that Oxfam tried to cover it up and let the disgraced workers work elsewhere. Talk about shoving things under the carpet.

  5. Men who 'use' prostitutes are usually using their own money. But I had hoped that Charity workers and others had better integrity when in troubled regions of the world.

  6. Yes, most charities do stink. The bigger the charity and the higher the profile, the more they stink. My money does not go their way.

  7. I agree with what you say Tom - and Rachel. Three years ago I bought some knitted hats from a blog friend in the US and she asked me to contribute to charity in payment. I did a lot of research and the one I finally came up with was Medicins sans Frontieres. What also appal me about so many of them is that the 'Heads' are usually paid high salaries. Oxfam do not deserve anybody's money sadly - apart from anything else they do tend to ride about in large land cruisers in parts of Africa where people would appreciate a life - but they never give one.

  8. Sorry - ' I obviously mean 'lift' in that last sentence.