Thursday, 10 August 2017

Portland Bill Overdue


Google are a bunch of fake hippies who also own You Tube. You can no longer embed videos, you can only 'share' them. This includes your own videos which you may have willingly - and foolishly - put up on You Tube.

If you try to 'save' one of your own videos using any company that is owned by Google, they just take it using the permissions you accidentally agreed to when you opted to use their services.

Silicon Valley now control lives all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Uber taxis, Air BnB, A.I. programs, iCloud, bank accounts, eBay, Facebook, driverless cars - you name it.

I think I am going to buy my own server. They only cost about  £500 for a huge amount of storage. Then, just think of it - no advertising, no Uber taxis, no Air BnB, You Tube by request only.... maybe ordinary people ACTUALLY sharing stuff like the old days...

Yes, my Christmas present to myself is going to be my own server...

This foghorn is a warning. I love foghorns.


  1. "The Foghorn", short story by Ray Bradbury. Quite a scary read. I always thought of it whenever I heard a foghorn at sea - usually just a cross-channel ferry, but still enough for a shiver along my spine. Such a mournful sound.

  2. My laptop refuses to allow me to upload videos to YouTube; probably a good thing.

  3. My son told me years ago that for photos shared on facebook I will lose copyright, and then said to me "You either pay with money or data nowadays."
    Yet I was shocked (and I might have had a reason, hahaha) to find that Google kraken also takes all photos on my smartphone (!!) before I even have downloaded them to my computer (!!), and hypocritical they assure me: "Only you see them - data-security". You bet! I do not know how they got my agreement - and I looked how to stop that - yet till now the computer tips do not work out.
    Till now I was often saying: "I don't care..." - but now I do, I am getting really furious.

  4. I used to care, until I realized Silicone Valley is an enveloping cloud, like mustard gas. Jeff Bezos owns the cloud, for crying out loud. I am careful with my phone pictures, though. The son's of b's want everything.