Friday, 16 June 2017

The Voynich manuscript

People have been trying to decode this book for hundreds of years. I only heard about it yesterday, for some reason.

All anyone knows about it is that it is written in a genuine but so far undeciphered language, some time in the 15th century.

It appears to cover much of the stuff which could be described as early science, including astronomy, biology and medicine - perhaps - but most of the plants and planetary systems are unknown to us. It could be a very early, very complex hoax, but if it is it took a skilled person years to make up.

I have just noticed that the green negative shape surrounding the naked women in the illustration below spells the word, 'turd'...


  1. Naked women and rude words ..... just your kind of book !!! XXXX

  2. Looks like you found one of my sketch books.

  3. He obviously didn't attend life classes.

  4. I have known about this book for a while and it drives me crazy that nobody can figure it out. Hmmm, it does spell what you say it spells .... I don't want it to be a hoax. I want it to be the real thing.