Thursday, 27 April 2017

Spread a little happiness...

Pete the Street with one of his paintings this morning.

There are, as we all know, some people who just cannot stop themselves from disrupting the fragile harmony here in Blogland by rattling other people's cages. I refuse to let them hang around if they have the sly cunning to successfully piss me off, in the same way I would physically punch someone I find poking my dog with a sharp stick, just for fun.

Sooner or later, they get branded as 'trolls' but then they defend their behaviour - point by point - to demonstrate that they are not trolls and that people over-react to their forthrightness.

Then some people begin to feel sorry for them and they milk it for all it is worth before their patron's patience runs out.

Well I don't care if they have some sort of mental condition which makes them behave like they do. A pain in the arse will always be a pain in the arse until they get a grip on themselves, and I for one am not qualified to help them do so, even if I wanted to.

Nobody forces anyone else to read this stuff. If I find myself disagreeing with everything anyone says, then I stop reading them. Life is too short.


  1. I wish i could have said this as eloquently as you have done.
    Now back to frivolity..........

  2. I think 'trolls' become more bored with their own tripe than we do.

  3. Yup! I sometimes wonder what these exchanges would be like and how they would end if we were all face to face. We

    1. Disregard the 'We', please. Had a case of sausage fingers.

  4. Who ARE these people (in real life)? I wonder about that all the time.