Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Who do you spend time with when you want some friendly time?

I don't mean people here. Fuck them. I DON'T  mean, people here - eurgh!!!!!!

We all have a best friend who you can laugh and cry with ....no ...I mean who is your best friend when it comes to your own company? AS IF THERE IS ANYONE ELSE !!!!

What is your " best friend" event?

Answers on a postcard please, as fucking always.......

I love all comments and do my absolute fucking best to ignore them!


  1. Oops - it looks as if I cut these lines out and pasted them up with wallpaper glue, but I didn't - HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. There's usually only one person you can rely on 100%. Most people's 'best friend' is his/her self.

  3. Mwah ha ha. You just made me smile!

  4. Ker-rikey .... watch your blood pressure.

  5. Can't help the feeling that you have been reading John's blog today.

  6. If you are cutting and pasting items from my blog
    1 try and do so professionally and without the formatting boxes
    2 please get my permission first bfore you do so( in writing)
    3 please refrain from adding the usual drunken expletives inbetween the prose....it disrupts the flow

    Now.....I understand that " best friend" blog entries may be painful for you to deal with, especially given the number of best friends that you have undoubtedly upset over years of curb crawling and cleavage gazing
    Suffice to say, my deal old blogger

    Come here and give us a massive group hug

    Ps you're a cunt

  7. So you had extra time on your hands to do a craft project? You will have to be sent home with a note that reads: "Tommy will have to try harder. His project simply cannot be entered in the local craft competition due to profanity."