Monday, 16 November 2015


This will work.

Russia has been - up until now - thrown back out into the cold by their generally dastardly behaviour, which includes the support of Assad in Syria, plus the suppression of the Kurdish sympathisers who, almost single-handedly, are doing amazing things on the ground to defend strategic positions previously  occupied by the hard-pressed Yazedi people, whose very name is so unfamiliar to the USA, that it doesn't even appear as a correct spelling on the check.

Russia has also been disgraced by the revelation that most of its gold medal award winning athletes have been systematically doped-up to the eyeballs with their brother's blood, plus extra added performance-enhancing chemicals.

Well here's a solution - Let's have three categories of Olympic athletes:

The Ordinary Olympics.

The Paralympics.

The Doped-Up Olympics,

That way, you wouldn't have to lose an entire generation of Russian athletes, and NATO will regain a very tooled-up military who will rush to our aid on the ground against ISIL.

Simples !


  1. I'd do away with The Ordinary Olympics, and just have the other two. Running and jumping is just as much 'entertainment' as is a rock concert, and do I really worry if Mick Jagger has taken an aspirin before a show? Of course not. It's the same with cycling....they're all at it, but occasionally just one gets caught and all hell lets loose.

  2. Le Tour de France was so much fun where they were doped up to the eyeballs. Bring back doping and level the playing field in all sports. I'm all for it.

    1. It's so simple, isn't it - just create an extra category, and everyone's happy!

    2. We could have a new stage jersey for the Tour, the Psychedelic Jersey awarded to the rider with the most dope in his veins.

    3. ... who still manages to stay on the bike and reach the right finishing point...