Friday, 6 November 2015

Ladybird book for the budding mechanic


  1. Ladybird celebrate a 100 years by republishing the People at Work series with updated language skills. The text relating to mechanical skills has been erased.

  2. My son visited a car mechanic yesterday; I'll show him the above. He's still fuming.

  3. I took my car to a mechanic recently, to have the battery tested as it was running down too quickly.

    He put a two-pronged device on the terminals and took a reading from the attached meter, then pointed out the way that the needle sunk into an area of a different colour, with also had gradings on the dial mentioning numerals which related to something to do with the battery's output. He tried to explain what this reading meant to me, but I struggled to keep up with the diagnosis.

    "Does this mean that the battery is fucked?" I asked him.


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