Thursday, 25 June 2015

From Spring to Winter without anything in between

Europe - as a social marketing concept - is going down the toilet.

Right from the start it was an economic carve-up, and the golden blend of arms-dealers and global bankers who saw a unique opportunity to make a very fast and very quick buck by moving into several oil-rich companies for humanitarian reasons, have brought all the chickens home. Our home.

Poor old Italy, and poor old Calais, having to fend-off all those refugees from the oil-rich zones which are now being occupied by the Islamic State armies, now that we cannot afford to wage any serious war against them.

Poor old Greece (the people, not the shipping magnates) having to ask Germany for another bail-out, and poor old Germany for having to fulfil their promises about unification all those years ago.

It ought to be a good thing that G.B. has not signed up to the Euro, but those bankers are not going to go down without dragging everyone else with them.

What a shitty, stinking mess, and I defy anyone to say otherwise and be believed.

Every politician involved in the latest round of talks is talking sense. Why? Because there is nothing left to be talked.


  1. Replies
    1. Ireland was way ahead of the others when its bubble burst.

  2. You are wrong Tom. Europe is happy and financially secure. In France everyone sings EU praises whilst eating their snails, in Spain they play their castanets whilst waving blue spotted flags, in Germany (praise be to Germany) they frogmarch whilst waving shackles, and in Greece (very nice at this time of year); well lets not talk about Greece.

    Everything is as it should be, as it was designed to be. Look at how happy all those welfare-receiving UK immigrants are. Everyone loves the successful EU.

    Didn't the UK join a 'Common Market'? What ever happened to that.

    1. Re Greece - not much changes. Every now and then someone finds a great pot of coins buried in a field here, about 1500 years ago.