Wednesday, 14 January 2015

What a drag it is...

The opposite of a bad dream.

A young woman with long, dark hair and strikingly blue eyes looks at me in a way which makes me think she - or I -  must be mad. A way which I haven't been looked at for about 40 or so years, then I realise I am dreaming again. Nevertheless she approaches me and - ignoring bad teeth, eye-bags and white hair - she embraces me.

This is better than losing H.I. in some vast, inhospitable town, I think. All I have to do now is stay lucid.

A more wistful sort of melancholy.

It's blowing a Westerly tempest outside right now - very cosy as I go to bed.


  1. Isn't it often so that you YOURSELF are making assumptions and then don't LOOK what is really happening around you? (Before you leash out: it is a compliment! I mean: maybe you exclude people because you think they look at you the way you EXPECT them to do - but they don't. I mean: last time 40 years ago - you can't be serious!)

    1. No, I am not fooling myself when I say that a young woman of that age has not looked at me in that way for some time, although it may not be quite 40 years. If I thought the reverse was true, then I would be even a sadder bastard.

  2. Apparently your storm has been given the name 'Rachel'.

  3. Maybe you will strike lucky tonight Tom - in your dreams.