Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lounging around with Wolves - the lazy sod

A quick public service broadcast, Bless the BBC - have a look at this 2 hours worth of stunning wildlife film, taken in a Northern Canadian island somewhere near the Arctic Circle:

I am sorry to say that only people in Britain will be able to watch this (unless it is on You Tube) but I would also say that I am filled with admiration for Mr Buchanan's courage!


  1. If I had 2 spare hours I might take a look, but sadly...

  2. I saw it over Christmas, Tom, and thought it was fantastic.

  3. I absolutely adored it Tom and had to keep reassuring myself that he was not totally alone as there were cameramen and a director with him (he did say so at one point) - however he didoften put himself in the most dangerous of positions didnt he? Lovely programme and such a refreshing change from much of the usual rubbish which is on at Christmas.

    1. The three of them were half an hour's flight away from the helipad, so if the wolf had attacked, not much could have been done.

  4. A brilliant program that really did take your breath away!

  5. I read the review in the Grauniad and wished I could watch it.