Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Silly Jocks

J.K.Rowling has just given £1 Million to the 'NO' campaign.

If you calmly look at what has happened to every other break-away nation around the world who has got shot of their despotic dictator/s, then this donation either makes sense, or... it doesn't.

If the bloody Scots go it on their own into the dark hole of tomorrow's future, they would be completely mad.

Sean Connery live on an island for tax purposes.


  1. Quebec has been threatening to go independent for the last 50 years. Every time the PQ party get in, businesses leave, the economy down turns and there is more discontent. 2 months ago, they lost the election by a landslide so the future of Quebec is more hopeful....that said by a non Quebecois.

  2. Talk about shooting a hole in your foot. Hard to believe screaming nationalism trumps economic sense. JK has much more money to throw into this than those lottery winners, and more coming in; shame she's taking so much abuse. Her argument, as I understand it is economic; the nationalists seem to be all ego. Hard to take that to the bank.

  3. I'm on the side of 'completely mad'. Imagine the advantages for England. No more crazy Scottish politicians sitting at Westminster, no more propping up their dismal economy, and all those England friendly viable companies returning south of the border. Let them stew; England can only BENEFIT.

  4. Scotland could apply to become part of Wales. A kind of UK Bosnia-Herzogovina.

  5. I have heard from time to time that Texas wants to leave the union and become its own country. No problem.