Thursday, 15 May 2014

Reunifying Stig

Another Bell regular. From the first angle I saw this little scene, it looked as though he had grown a great pair of technicolor wings.

A few months ago, he had an operation for something, and the after effects of it was that he turned up with a great ring shaved all around his middle, with a stitched scar running all the way round as well - I checked. It really did look as though they had sawn him in two, then roughly stitched him back together again. Maybe they did.

This dog holds more water than any other of his size that I have ever seen before. He is taken outside for a pee, and leaves more urine on the pavement than I ever could, even after drinking three pints of weak beer. Sometimes he doesn't even make it to the pavement, as this time. That coconut mat holds quite a lot though, and nobody except me and his handler noticed. Whatever the operation was for, it wasn't prostate problems.

I have just seen a short video of a small boy on his bicycle being attacked by a nasty dog outside his house (in the USA), then being saved by the family cat, which comes charging out of the house and launches itself right on the dog with all four feet. The dog scarpered and the boy was saved by the cat, but still needed 10 stitches.

Hero cat.


  1. I too have just seen the cat video
    Remarkable .......

  2. Hello Tom:

    Love the idea of the 'Hero Cat'. Less sure about the coconut mat!!!

  3. Sprinkle some 'Mustard-n-Cress' seeds on the mat, and see what happens.

    1. Too much traffic for a decent crop.

  4. I would like a pet, I fancy a Griffon Bruxellois dog.

    Who doesn't want a dog that look like an Ewok? Seriously? Who?