Saturday, 18 January 2014

Half dog, half sheep

As often happens, I was looking for something else the other day, when I found these photos.

I took them at the house of a champion Bedlington Terrier breeder in Sheffield - the same woman who used to look after Cragie Aitchison's dogs. He travelled all the way from London, just so she could give them a shampoo and trim.

When he first turned up on her little terrace doorstep, she thought he was a tramp. A rich tramp, but this is the effect of understated Armani clothing.

She unfolded a little travelling table - the same one she used at Crufts - and placed the dog on it. The dog then froze, and turned from a boisterous little maniac, into putty in her hands. With a light touch, she would shift him into whatever position she required him to hold, and he held it as long as she asked him to, not moving a hair. When finished, she put him back on the ground and he turned into an ordinary dog again.

About two weeks after these pictures were taken, the little chap bit the postman once too often, so she had him destroyed.

I couldn't have the ruthlessness it takes to breed the perfect dog - including traits and temperament. I like mutts like the one I saw last night - half Whippet and half Bedlington.

I have often thought about getting a Whippet, just so I could call it 'Mr Whippy', but maybe I have already mentioned that idea.


  1. Although all of our are " pure breeds" I am not a fan of over breeding a dog to the point of insanity
    Bulldogs are a case in point
    They have the airway of a two year old child

    1. And in the case of pure Pugs, the airway of a two year-old's arse.

  2. I can see why CA painted them, they do have a distinctly aesthetic form. Personally, I'd prefer a mutt (like my first dog Hamlet).

  3. I love Bedlingtons - they are one of my favourites. I knew one called Pippin years ago and he was adorable, but they are terriers and as such can easily turn out a bit snappy.
    I keep seeing Bedlington/lurcher crosses up here (we get a lot of dogs in summer as folk take cottages for walking holidays) - they are nice dogs.