Thursday, 7 November 2013

This is my lovely day...

The music on the radio was entirely coincidental, as was the script which precedes it - delivered by Bernard Cribbins - when I went into the kitchen to show you two wonderful things which arrived through the door today.

Shame about the crap camera work, but this really was my lovely day - Thanks Sarah, and thanks Moritz Waldemeyer.


  1. Those flashing lines up the candle are the camera, not the actual light, btw.

  2. YOU GOT IT!! How exciting. I can imagine you moving it all over...and ending up in the window so all the neighbors can see. Please when you get a moment, leave it to me in your will ...all right?

  3. I can't play
    My iPad won't show the video

    1. Can't help you there other than advising you to install (Adobe?) Flash Player onto it.

  4. I've just been listening to that Bernard Cribbins play on Radio 4 extra.

  5. Yes, the promised copy of Sarah's book arrived - complete with personal inscription to both me and some bloke called Tom Stephenson. The light also arrived, a designer article of clothing and a handful of glittering diamond tools.

  6. So pleased! I think Sarah is a very talented writer.