Sunday, 4 August 2013

The dog that died

Poor old Dexter. They think he had a fit, then fell into the stream that runs through the Somerset Levels. He wasn't discovered for a couple of days.

When I filmed this, the wind was so strong that 4 legs were better than my 2, and his genuinely old mate survives him.

These dogs were designed to drive cattle on roads from the North of the country, right down to the South, then find their own way home again, stopping at inns on the way to be fed by the pre-paid landlords - for about 300 miles or more.

Those dogs are living history, so I lied - again - when I said that last post was the last one about historical items, and the word 'hoarder' rings hollow in my ears.


  1. Was Dexter a Lurcher ? ..... or had Lurcher in him ? XXXX

    1. No, he was a pure-bred and ancient breed of British cattle droving dog, the name of which escapes me right now. I'll find out the true name of these dogs and get back to you.

  2. It may be a coincidence (I am sure it is), but when I joked about my ill-humour by saying I was upset about a dog which died a few days ago, I did not know about Dexter.

    Yet another thing we have dreamed in and out of existence. I truly believe that, in the same way we have dreamed the Chinese 'Rainbow Mountains' into existence.

    You have to be careful what you dream about.

  3. Not sure what I looked at above. Was Dexter the one who was let-out? The black and white one was definitely a Border Collie, the grey one presumably Droving-Dexter. Poor old boy.

  4. The one that was let out was the Drower, but is the one which is still alive. The younger one with me may not be a pure-bred anything, but I will find out - sorry to Jacqueline for the (my) confusion. I am pretty sure he wasn't a Collie, though... I think...

  5. Just had another look.... maybe my Border Collie identification was a bit hurried. There is a nearby dog that we call 'Brown Job', I saw him yesterday and all his filthy matted coat has been cut-off. He is a Spaniel, but no longer looks anything like one. I'd imagined that something similar had happened to the B & W one.

  6. This whole story has just become too confusing to me Tom, having just arrived on site so to speak. I would have thought the black and white one had some Border Collie in him and the other one some Drover Dog. Whatever though the death of any dog is always sad.

  7. Oh, I don't know anymore. I'm off to cook din-dins before I lose the will to live, have a fit and end up in the river.

  8. I like the line, "wanna go in?"
    "Nah, but I'd like to gather up that other dog for a run, so open the door for us please."
    Speaks again to dogs having humans for staff.

    I'm very sorry to hear that he has left for good.
    They are The best people. It's always a wrench when dogs leave us.