Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The archer's paradox

She let loose the last arrow, and the back of it took off before the front.

Flying through the air, it played a game of tag with itself,  flexing, bending and unbending, snaking it's way across the lawn until it burst through the target and pinned the child to the earth.

The child had been simply playing, but had wandered beyond the confines proscribed by it's parents, and - skipping between one world and the next - was wrong-footed by it's unworldliness, it's total lack of experience in the few hundred years it had spent amongst humans.

Later that night, the fireman's volley was also loosed, and in the darkness, only one would find it's mark and be let in.

Someone would have to pay for the loss of this foundling.


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    1. I was goingtoreview past posts but I could not be arsed

    2. You cannot have any time to read any of my previous posts - you must be too busy responding to enquiries as to the health of your livestock and the removal of seven different shades of shit from your swirly carpet. Sticky space-bar as well as 'R' s?

  2. That's it! "Touch the untouchable" - a dead child just elevated this superb tale to a whole new terrifying level.