Saturday, 16 March 2013

Don't let The Bell End

Andy Davis and the rest of Stackridge, performing a little ditty about the lost battle between red and grey squirrels - their music has always been nicely British and idiosyncratic.

Andy is a devout member of the BBC at The Bell Inn, but sadly, Stackridge have not come up with as good a quote as The Darkness about The Bell community share offer:  "Don't let the bell end"


  1. The battle is not lost until the last red has disappeared Tom - they are fighting back up here and we have a good lot of reds.

    1. In my half-asleep reading of your comment, I thought you were talking about all the communists you have up there, and then I remembered the lyrics. The only place I have seen red squirrels is in Germany, sadly. Good to hear you still have some.