Friday, 30 November 2012


It's all down to timing - or so they thought.

The four-stroke engine sat shaking and rattling on the workshop bench, until...

until they dripped poisonous lead into the Benzene, and then - and then...

the thing ran as smoothly as a hand down a baby's bottom.

Trouble was, the babies began to go mad, but not so mad as...

they did not appreciate the opportunities of smooth motoring.

Blue is for boys and pinking is for girls.

Esso Blue, or Esso Golden, Golden, Golden.


  1. Errrrrrrhhhh ..... have you had a little more that a bottle of wine tonight Tom ?!! I'm a little confused. XXXX

    1. True ......... I'm not into engines but I can climb trees. I do remember that 'The Esso sign means happy motoring, call at the Esso sign for Esso Extra ! XXXX

  2. Pink - being the baby version of the strong masculine red - was the colour for boys until the early 20th century. But generally it was mainly white for all babies and children including boys in dresses until five or six years.

    In the '70s I tried to bring up my girls as gender neutral for as long as I could ( i.e until school) and dressed them even as babies in yellow, orange and brown (how seventies is that). Even the big Biba department store in Ken High Street encouraged this. Looking through old baby photos they look like bumble bees.

    The Esso sign means happy motoring...check out on YouTube.

    1. The Esso Blee Dooler...

      Are your children all now trannies?