Wednesday, 22 August 2012

You don't have to be English, but it helps

The first batch of colour tests for the Scagliola matrix.  It would be easier to make the whole thing(s) from scratch, rather than match the exact colour against the 200 year-old original, but I knew that already, I suppose.  Next, I have to mix up some rabbit-skin size to add to the mix so that it can be polished later...  This is probably the steepest learning-curve I have plotted since leaving the pram.  It's a good job that I have actually used all these materials in the past, albeit for different techniques.

Pooter Moment:  I have just made rather a funny joke over on the 'Ragged Ramblers' site, even though I say it myself.

One of these ecclesiastical obsessives showed a picture of a rather handsome, heavily-carved Norman church, and I left the following comment:

"When the French came over here in 1066, they brought with them a form of philosophy hitherto unheard of on these shores.  It was called,  'Norman Wisdom'.

I had to dab a handkerchief against my eyes, I laughed so much.  Norman Wisdom!  Oh dear...


  1. That's a cracker... or was it from a cracker?

  2. Mr Grimsdale! Mr Grimsdale!

  3. I see standards have slipped since I was here last.

    What started off as an interesting (but surreal) article and photograph of various shades of diarrhea has ended in one of the worst jokes I've heard in a very long time. And I've heard a few I can tell you.

    Did you hear the one about Prince Harry and the scoffolding pole?

    1. Do tell - along with whatever else shit has been going on with you for the last few months, Chris.

    2. Q: Which is the richest country in the world?

      A: Ireland; because its capital is always Dublin (doubling).

      This is one of Tom's too!

    3. Chris has been breeding wasps!

    4. How the hell did you find out about that Cro?! Now I'll have to bring my waspish world domination programme forward by 24 hours. Shit.

      I'll tell you what I've been doing if you send me a pound.

      Please forward the money to:

      The Rt Hon. C Lucan
      Avenue Des Anglais

    5. No, he's been drowning wasps... or is that droning bees?

  4. this was written on a wall in manchester
    thought you'd like it
    "aged rum is a sophisticated spirit that should be sipped and savoured ...not droned in coke like whitney houston

  5. Drowned, or droned? Ok, I know.

    Yay! Chris is alive!