Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wish list - Crockett and Jones boots, Mark 3

I already have two pairs of these in brown, but I now want a further pair in black.  So, they are Crockett and Jones, 'Coniston' boots, and they need to be in a size 12 (UK).

Feel free to get in touch about any marketing of genuine articles which are considerably less than the £380 that C&J's approved outlets are asking.

They are for my new Armani suit, you know.


  1. I say you should add £380 to the price of your next commission and buy them now.

    1. I've been adding a f*** sight more than that for years, and I still believe that I cannot afford them. I'm just mean, that's all, Mise.

    2. P.S. - I love your new avatar picture. Have you taken up ventriloquy?

  2. India. Take a picture with you, and they'll knock up 10 perfect copies for you in an afternoon. And the price? The air fare plus a few rupees!