Monday, 20 August 2012

Sunday Roast

 H.I.'s daughter's birthday lunch yesterday, and I found myself - once again - surrounded by beautiful girlies.

Almost all of them are involved in fashion retail as she is, so sometimes these events bear a strong resemblance to the set of Ab Fab.

Not this day, though - not enough alcohol being consumed, and we had all just polished off a good Sunday roast.  Plus they all had to work the next day.  Three generations (out of shot) of fashion-victims, all in one place.  Very picturesque.


  1. that pink wall certainly looks the business!

  2. And all would be lethargic after a sunday roast.

  3. You do hang with the pretty ones!

  4. All true - your above comments.

    Much truer than my prescription/description of the afternoon which followed our departure at around 5.30.

    They all got HIDEOUSLY drunk, and fiance set out to work in his car at 6.30 this morning, travelled 12 miles, then turned right around and went back to bed.

    That's my boy.