Monday, 2 July 2012

Left and right outside the pub last night

This old bumper-sticker has been relegated to the dustbin - but not thrown away yet.  It could still come in useful in the future, but what it is doing in the UK I do not know.  It's owner was one of the many misguided people to vote our high-profile MP (Chris Patten) out of Bath and pave the way for Tony Blair.  His motives were entirely honourable - like all right-minded people, he wanted to get rid of Margaret Thatcher, not realising that her illegitimate son would take her place with her (and Rupert Murdoch's) full blessing.  Murdoch was the only one to change allegiance of the three.

'Rover' cars were always (before they went bankrupt and you could buy brand-new ones for £10K) traditionally driven by old men, so it is appropriate that this one has lost most of it's teeth.  You should see what happens when one of these cars is involved in a minor front-end collision - they explode, revealing the flimsy chassis that they are built on.  One of them went into the back of my Viking Volvo once, putting an almost imperceptible scratch on the rubber cover of my tow-hitch.

Happy monday.


  1. My Rover SDI 3.5 was built like an F1 tank. A monster of a car.

  2. I still can't believe that Bush got back in -- but then Bush couldn't believe it either!

  3. I used to have one of those in the far distant past - never thought of the radiator grill spikes as teeth before but mine lost one or two.