Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The truth is out there - both of them

Having not watched television since they made 'Tales of the Unexpected' (which is probably why I thought it dated from the 60s) I had never - until the night before last - seen a single episode of 'The X Files'.

I was in a charity shop last week and found the complete box-set of the second series for £3, so I bought them and we have watched three episodes so far.  I think I might leave it at that and take the set back to the shop for resale.

All I knew was that 'The Truth Is Out There' in the form of little green men, but I didn't know that the series also dealt with all sorts of other strangeness, including a creature which is half man, half lugworm and lives in a sewer.

I normally love dramas which call for a complete suspension of disbelief, but The X Files, just takes this requirement a couple of steps too far, especially since it is filmed almost completely without humour.  Actually, having said that, I cannot believe we were not supposed to laugh when the Sewer Creature hides in a Portaloo, then gets sucked - with difficulty - into a transport tank through a very narrow suction-pipe.

Of all the paranormal events in the first three episodes, the most unbelievable was the way that Scully's large breasts retained perfect shape as she lay flat on a hospital trolley wrapped only in a sheet.  They looked like a couple of blancmanges, pointing straight at the ceiling as they did.  I also could not believe that Molder would not have taken advantage of the situation by grabbing one of them for old time's sake as she lay unconscious and unable to stop - or encourage - him.

Those were the days when to answer a cell-phone meant having to pull an arial from the top of a brick, and implants were almost unheard of, especially in female agents of the FBI.  These days, I am sure even male FBI agents have them as a matter of course, but not back then.

Having sat through about an hour and a half of unexplained impossibilities, when Scully's tits came into shot from beneath the sheet, H.I. and me just looked at each other and said,  "Oh, COME on..."


  1. Not seen it, I'm afraid; but the Blancmange style threepenny-bits sound tempting.

  2. I'll send you the box-set if you're curious, Cro.

  3. Gillian Anderson is a much under rated actress, and apart from the aforementioned beautiful pair of baps ,she has given cracking performances in films such as THE HOUSE OF MIRTH,
    Hollywood however has never really known what to do with her and she has fallen off the film radar recently...
    Incidentally she is American with a delightful British accent, having lived and worked over her for a long time!

    1. I would have done more than 'live and work over her'...

    2. fanarrrah....fanarrah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. here OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The romance between the two does heat up as the series slowly moves on. Watching the first three episodes is not enough, I think. Take a few from another season and see if you like them better. Anderson was wonderful in PBS's Bleak House.

  6. That thing near the sewer is enough to give me nightmares - take it back to the charity shop.

  7. I never watched it very often when it was in prime time here. It just seemed too stupid. I did see a few episodes towards the end of its run, but the people i watched it with were rabid fans, and when they turned to me with crazed eyes to see if i liked it, i thought it best for me to stay far, far away.

    For £3, i'd have taken a chance on the boxed set, though, too.