Sunday, 18 March 2012

Here we go again

I REALLY am sorry about this third rant in a row, but our government has just announced that - in order to make life a little more risk-free for the Masters of the Universe - they will take on all liabilities for pension payments before offering Royal Mail to the lowest bidder, in the latest carve-up to sell one of the last remaining bits of our family silver.

Ok, I know that they have been threatening to sell off Royal Mail for a few years now, but who would have thought that they would - once AGAIN - place the heaviest burden of financial responsibility onto the shoulders of those who can least afford it - the Muppets who already own it. Maybe I am just thick, but I dearly hope I stay that way.

Mark my words - next in the sights:

The BBC.


  1. Just heard tonight that next is the roads -- but only the new ones!!!

    1. Yes, I just heard that and was on my way to put up another post on it - utterly, uterrly unbelievable.

  2. Wouldn't that nasty old Victorian letter box look so much nicer with Coca Cola or McDonalds painted on it. Progress.